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Quality Enhancement Research Initiative

Implementation Strategy Training Opportunities


Driving a culture of learning and knowledge translation

All VA employees have the power to make health care better for Veterans and their families. Designed specifically for busy frontline staff, QUERI's learning hubs provide a unique opportunity for leaders, providers, and researchers across VA to gain the practical experience and skills needed to lead care improvements at their sites.

Features of QUERI Learning Hubs:

  • Training in specific evidence-based strategies
  • Virtual collaborative sessions
  • Experienced mentors and coaches, many trained by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • Application of key implementation and quality improvement concepts within everyday work routines
  • Access to various resources, including videos, readings, and templated tools
QUERI's Center for Evaluation and Implementation Resources (CEIR)

Free Training for VA Employees

VA employees from all sites are welcome to receive free training from QUERI learning hubs! Feel free to contact a learning hub below for more information.

Not sure which learning hub is right for you? Contact QUERI’s Center for Evaluation and Implementation Resources at for a brief consultation.

>Adaptation Hib

The Adaptation hub teaches trainees how to tailor implementation efforts using iterative stakeholder engagement, workflow mapping, and adaptive problem solving (i.e., People, Process, and Problems). Learn more.

Contact Katherine Williams at for more information.

Design for Dissemination & Implementation (D4DI)

Design for Dissemination & Implementation (D4DI) hub provides training on the core components of the D4D&I implementation strategy (pre-implementation assessment, stakeholder engagement, intervention adaptation, implementation evaluation) to increase adoption, implementation, and  sustained use of evidence-based interventions for care coordination  programs. Learn more.

Contact Catherine Battaglia at for more information.

Evidence-Based Quality Improvement (EBQI)

The Evidence-Based Quality Improvement (EBQI) hub supports individuals and teams of leaders, providers, and staff in identifying, addressing, and solving problems using an evidence-based, multi-level, stakeholder-driven approach to quality improvement.  Learn more.

Contact for more information.

Implementation Facilitation (IF)

The Implementation Facilitation (IF) hub uses a participatory approach comprised of preparatory work, didactic sessions, instruction on key IF roles, interactive role-plays, and group exercises to train participants in applying a multi-faceted, evidence-based strategy involving interactive problem-solving that occurs in a context of a recognized need for improvement and supportive interpersonal relationships. Learn more.

Contact Krissi Morris at for more information.

Learn. Engage. Act. Process. (LEAP)

The Learn. Engage. Act. Process. (LEAP) hub delivers hands-on virtual learning in quality improvement methods to clinical teams, packaging multiple implementation strategies into a single, structured program. Coaches, trained by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, lead clinical teams to: 1) form a team and develop an improvement aim; 2) develop a project charter; 3) test a planned change and monitor progress; 4) present results; and 5) plan for continuing future cycles of change.  Learn more.

Contact for more information.

Leadership and Organizational Change for Implementa├é┬Čtion (LOCI) hub

The Leadership and Organizational Change for Implementation (LOCI) hub uses an evidence-based combination of workshops and coaching that strengthens leadership skills and fosters individual and organizational capacity to implement effective practices for mental health. Learn more.

Contact Heidi LaBash at for more information.

Leading Healthcare Improvement (LHI)

The Leading Healthcare Improvement (LHI) hub employs interactive learning activities to train frontline providers and leaders in leadership principles and improvement strategies. Learn more.

Contact Jade Jennings at for more information.

Teamwork Training Hub

The Teamwork Training Hub trains participants on the fundamentals of a unique, evidence-based implementation framework known as LOCK (Learn from the bright spots, Observe, Collaborate in huddles, and Keep it bite-size) and its effective implementation (including rapid cycle quality improvement). The Hub is based on 4 evidence-based concepts: strengths-based learning, observation, relationship-based teams, and efficiency. Learn more.

Contact Christine Hartmann for more information.

Rapid Qualitative Methods for Implementation Practice

The Rapid Qualitative Methods for Implementation Practice Learning Hub works to improve the rigor of rapid qualitative methods. Learn more.

Contact Christine Kowalski at for more information.

Education and Training Opportunities in Implementation Science and Quality Improvement

QUERI learning hubs focus on implementation practice, empowering VA employees to apply implementation and quality improvement methods to accelerate care improvements. Interested in more research-focused implementation science and quality improvement education and training opportunities? Check out the Implementation Science Resource Training Matrix, which provides a comprehensive list of education and training opportunities in implementation and quality improvement sciences.