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Quality Enhancement Research Initiative

Policy Evidence


  • Policy Briefs designed to support policymakers and inform key initiatives, including MISSION Act, access metrics, and the Evidence Act
  • Publications describing healthcare trends and policy evidence

Using evidence to inform national policy initiatives

QUERI’s Partnered Evidence-Based Policy Resource Center (PEPReC) provides timely, rigorous data analysis to support VA policy, planning, and management initiatives and program evaluations.

PEPReC’s goal is to be an engine for VA’s Learning Health System, where research informs practice and practice informs research. PEPReC is working closely with VA leaders to inform implementation of key components of the MISSION Act and Foundations for Evidence-based Policymaking Act. Learn More.

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PEPREC research

The MISSION Act is designed to expand healthcare access for Veterans especially in underserved areas, increase caregiver benefits, and strengthen VA’s infrastructure and ability to recruit and retain highly qualified providers. PEPReC is providing analytical support to inform VA’s implementation of the MISSION Act, including:

  • Identifying underserved regions and facilities (Sections 401-402)
  • Evaluating the medical scribes pilot (Section 507)
  • Designing the evaluation of the VA Innovation Center’s care delivery and payment pilot programs (Section 152)

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Foundations for Evidence-based Policymaking Act

The goal of the Evidence Act is to enhance the way that data is used to generate evidence about policies and programs. PEPReC is providing assistance to VA Program Offices, evaluators, and researchers and has developed several resources to support implementation of the Evidence Act, including:

  • Strength of evidence checklist to evaluate VHA budget and legislative proposals
  • Learning agendas to identify gaps and inform policies on access, opioids, and suicide prevention
  • Evaluation capacity assessments for 20 VA Program Offices

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Selected Publications for Further Reading

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