QUERI – Quality Enhancement Research Initiative

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QUERI Adaptation Training Hub

San Francisco, CA

Principal Investigator: Mary Whooley, MD; contact at Mary.Whooley@va.gov.


Evidence-based interventions are practices or programs that have peer-reviewed, documented empirical evidence of effectiveness. Because the benefits of such interventions are typically demonstrated under carefully controlled conditions that may or may not resemble real-world practice, healthcare organizations often face considerable challenges adapting them to different settings and populations. Thus, VA providers and operational staff may not have the tools or strategies necessary to implement evidence-based interventions into healthcare practice. The QUERI Adaptation Training Hub will provide guidance on the key steps of adaptation that are critical to successful implementation of evidence-based interventions in the context of local culture, experience, resources, and priorities. Trainees will learn how to tailor and conduct rigorous evaluation of the adapted intervention. This will increase the quality of care for Veterans, modernize healthcare delivery systems, and improve the timeliness of services to Veterans


This training hub has two aims:

  • Provide implementation training focused on the practical aspects of adapting evidence-based healthcare interventions to fit local needs; and
  • Offer VA practitioners structured, longitudinal mentorship from implementation through evaluation of evidence-based healthcare interventions.

Quality Improvement/Implementation Strategy

The QUERI Adaption Training Hub’s practical approach to implementation focuses on iterative stakeholder engagement, workflow mapping and adaptive problem solving (i.e., People, Process, and Problems).

Quality Improvement/Implementation Strategy

Expected Impacts

The QUERI Adaptation Training Hub will support VA’s learning healthcare system by providing practical guidance to practitioners on accelerating the implementation of evidence-based interventions into practice.

Operations Partners

VA’s Office of Academic Affiliations, Access to Care, Connected Care, VHA Innovation Ecosystem, Office of Rural Health (ORH), and Specialty Care Services.