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Tools For Further Assessment of Alcohol Misuse

Criteria for alcohol use or dependence

DSM-IV Alcohol Abuse (1 or more criteria > 1 year)

  1. Role impairment (e.g. failed work or home obligations)
  2. Hazardous use (e.g. Driving while intoxicated)
  3. Legal problems related to alcohol use
  4. Social or interpersonal problems due to alcohol

DSM-IV Alcohol Dependence (3 criteria > 1 year)

  1. Tolerance (increased drinking to achieve same effect)
  2. Alcohol withdrawal signs or symptoms
  3. Drinking more than intended
  4. Unsuccessful attempts to cut down on use
  5. Excessive time related to alcohol (obtaining, hangover)
  6. Impaired social or work activities due to alcohol
  7. Use despite physical or psychological consequences

Assess Alcohol Use

Resources for Patients