QUERI – Quality Enhancement Research Initiative

Recent citations from the Evaluating Evidence-Based Quality Improvement of Comprehensive Women���s Health Care Implementation in Low Performing VA Facilities QUERI Partnered Evaluation Initiative

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  1. Hamilton AB, Olmos-Ochoa TT, Canelo I, Rose D, Hoggatt KJ, Than C, Yano EM. Dynamic waitlisted design for evaluating a randomized trial of evidence-based quality improvement of comprehensive women's health care implementation in low-performing VA facilities. Implementation science communications. 2020 Jun 30; 1:59.
  2. Yano EM, Hamilton AB. Multilevel Partnerships Drive Implementation and Evaluation Comprehensive Women's Healthcare. QUERI eNews. 2019 Feb 1; February(2019): 1.
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  4. Hamilton AB. Fostering organizational change to promote uptake of evidence-based HIV prevention practices: lessons and tools from quality improvement approaches. [Cyberseminar]. Clinical Directors Network Capacity Building Assistance Learning Collaborative. 2018 Mar 16.