QUERI – Quality Enhancement Research Initiative

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QUERI Citations

Izquierdo A. Hospital to Community (H2C) Veterans Project. Good News Radio Magazine [Internet]. 2017 Oct 25. Available from: http://axis.cdrewu.edu/functions/community-engagement/good_news_radio.
Abstract: Veterans are an important part of society that has historically received poor access to healthcare. The Hospital to Community (H2C) project is part of a study called Care Coordination for Vulnerable Veterans which is funded by the Veteran's Affairs (VA). It is unique because it uses a community-based and partnered model approach to develop, implement, and evaluate community enhanced care coordination to help veterans and their families. The H2C project is part of an overall larger study called the Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) which is a national VA effort to improve the health and care of veterans. They work directly with veterans and community-based organizations in designing the intervention. The community-based organization work group and veterans work group provide direct expertise on their own experience, their families experience, health access issues, how they felt they were treated in the community, and various other topics. Eligibility for the study is being a veteran or a family member related to a veteran. For more information on the H2C project call 323-292-2002. Dr. Izquierdo invites the community to their Stand Down Reach Back event taking place on November 4, 2014 from 10 am to 3 pm at Leimart Park located at 4305 Degnan Ave, Los Angeles 90008. It is a community event organized for veterans by veterans and in partnership with HAAF and the VA Research Group. The objective is to provide direct services and screenings for veterans as well as a celebration of veteran's struggles and strength.