QUERI – Quality Enhancement Research Initiative

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QUERI Citations

Ganz DA, Barnard JM, Olmos T. Coaching Manual: Coordination Toolkit and Coaching Project (CTAC). 2017 Jan 1. Available from: https://vaww.visn10.portal.va.gov/sites/Toolkits/toolkit/Documents/Care%20Coordination%20Toolkit_Coaching_Manual_%20April%202017.pdf.
Abstract: This coaching manual was created for the QUERI Coordination Toolkit and Coaching Project (CTAC), part of the larger Care Coordination QUERI program (http://www.queri.research.va.gov/programs/pact.cfm). The CTAC project compares the use of an online toolkit alone versus use of the online toolkit plus distance coaching as ways to help PACT improve patients' experience of care coordination. The project focuses on care coordination in outpatient settings (e.g., between PACT, the Veteran, specialty care, and care in the community). This coaching manual is designed to be used by the distance coaches for the CTAC project, to guide multi-disciplinary primary care quality improvement teams at geographically dispersed VA clinics over a one (1) year period in the following: Identifying a care coordination issue or problem at their facility or clinic; Choosing one or more tools to implement from the Care Coordination Toolkit to address the identified care coordination issue. (Additional tools may be found or developed if needed); Planning and implementing a quality improvement strategy to implement the tool(s); Evaluating whether the implementation is successful and whether the tool(s) results in improvements in care coordination.