QUERI – Quality Enhancement Research Initiative

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Quality Improvement Methods Selection Tool

This website provides information on some of the more widely used quality improvement methods or tools that a QUERI researcher may find useful. It is strongly suggested that the researcher consider these methods as part of a proposal. Depending on the particular research proposed or the phase of research, the most useful set of methods will vary. The web site asks for the attributes of your research project and based on that response, presents the methods which offer the most capabilities relevant to the research. Of course, the researcher is free to peruse all the methods because unique aspects of certain situations may be helped by any of these methods.

Check the following to determine which methods are most useful for your situation (or view a list of all available methods).

The research will require (Select all that apply)

Analyzing the problem or hypothesis
Developing an intervention
Analysis of data
Implementing an intervention or change
Sustaining change ongoing
Managing change currently
Planning or proposing future work

Problem or symptoms to be addressed by research (Select all that apply)

Improve clinical outcomes
Physical arrangement or facility
Cost reduction
Poor quality
Poor productivity
High costs
Problem addressed is not well understood

Regarding data (Select all that apply)

Need to develop new metrics
Trials or experiments to generate data for analysis
Evaluate data currently in use

Phase of work involved (Select all that apply)

Initial investigation
New system development
Completion of prior work

Other aspects of the proposal (Select all that apply)

Done at multiple locations
Involves totally new thinking
Organizational issues (vs. clinical) are involved
Economic issues (vs. clinical) are involved