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Quality Improvement Methods

32. Performance Board

a. Definition By effectively communicating performance goals and results to those involved, improvements and changes are more likely to be sustained. As part of Lean Daily Management (see Section 25) a display is created with the intent to make all relevant staff aware of plans, changes and progress. Often, a specific display is set up at relevant work units where it can easily be seen by the staff. It may include information regarding the days since a quality problem has occurred, how the unit is performing related to particular targets and also feedback from patients.

There are various commercial vendors specifically for performance board although they can easily be constructed and maintained on a wall or display case. The arrangement should be clear and highlight key metrics. Such as:

Performance Board

b. Literature

There is little research literature regarding Performance Boards per se but they are often discussed with other tools for sustaining performance improvements such as using them in conjunction with a daily departmental huddle.

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c. Example

A hospital department has recently made a number of performance improvements and also identified particular metrics which will track the improvement results and sustaining them onward. In order to support these changes the hospital developed a display of the data which also indicated trends and other relevant statistics.

d. Steps

1. Identify location(s)

2. Design board, perhaps multiple boards

3. Post data

4. Explain to staff

5. Update on a regular basis and, if appropriate, use it as a location for staff huddles