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Stroke QUERI
» Indianapolis, IN

The Stroke QUERI Center is led by Linda S. Williams, MD, Research Coordinator, Dawn Bravata, MD, Clinical Coordinator, Teresa Damush, PhD, Implementation Research Coordinator, and Glenn Graham, MD, PhD, Co-Clinical Coordinator. It is located at the Roudebush Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Translating Research Results into Clinical Practice

Stroke is one of the major causes of long-term disability among adults, and its prevalence will continue to rise as the population ages. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) estimates that each year over 15,000 Veterans are hospitalized for stroke. Forty percent of these stroke survivors are left with moderate functional impairments and 15 to 30 percent severe disability. Even among those with "mild stroke," significant residual deficits may limit mobility, increase risk for falls, and limit community reintegration and quality of life. All stroke survivors and their families are hopeful that research will one day help them.

In 1998, Veterans Affairs Health Services Research and Development (HSR&D) Service launched the VA Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) with the goal of translating research results into approaches to improve patient care and systems efficiency and to document the effects of these mechanisms on patients and on cost. The mission of the VA HSR&D Stroke Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) is to reduce the risk of stroke and to foster system, provider and patient processes that result in the best possible outcomes for Veterans with stroke.

This mission is accomplished by focusing on three core clinical goals:

Goal 1: Improve in-hospital management of stroke to reduce stroke mortality and morbidity.
Goal 2: Develop, evaluate, and integrate interventions to improve risk factor control among Veterans at high risk of stroke
Goal 3: Support VA stroke policy decisions by collecting and reporting VA patient- and system-level data.

To address these clinical goals, we employ cross-cutting methodological approaches including: healthcare system redesign, information technology (IT) interventions, and self-management strategies. We operationalize our mission via workgroups centered on the three clinical goals.

National Stroke QUERI Coordinating Center
Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center
HSR&D 11-H
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Tel: (317) 988-4407
Email: Jennifer.Myers@va.gov

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