QUERI – Quality Enhancement Research Initiative

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Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) QUERI
» Hines, IL / Seattle, WA


SCI-QUERI LogoThe SCI-QUERI works closely with the Office of SCI/D Services and the SCI/D System of Care to improve the lives of Veterans with spinal cord injuries and disorders. The central mission of SCI-QUERI is to promote health, independence, functioning, quality of life, and productivity of Veterans with spinal cord injuries and disorders (SCI/D), through the implementation of evidence-based findings.

Priority Areas

SCI-QUERI has identified three primary areas of focus for research and implementation based on a number of facts including costs, frequency, and impact on function and quality of life.

These areas include:

  • Pressure ulcer prevention and treatment
  • Infection prevention and management
  • Optimization of function


The major goals and objectives of the SCI-QUERI include:

Goal #1: Reduce the number and severity of pressure ulcers in Veterans with SCI/D

A. Standardize monitoring of wound healing, using the SCI-PUMT Veterans with SCI/D and pressure ulcers within the SCI/D system of care

B. Standardize patient assessment and prevention interventions based on CPG recommendations within the SCI system of care

Goal #2: Advance health care practice and management to prevent infection and improve outcomes

A. Develop a 'safe zone' in patient care rooms in SCI Centers

B. Assess patient, provider, and system level factors associated with antibiotic prescribing

C. Implement MRSA toolkit and educational materials at SCI Centers

D. Implement influenza declination form program

Goal #3: Optimize function in Veterans with SCI/D

Within this area we will focus on two areas: obesity/overweight and wheelchair function.


A. To understand how conditions such as: overweight/obesity, sleep dysfunction, etc. affects function.

B. To conduct a functional needs assessment in Veterans with SCI/D

C. To do a pilot implementation of a lifestyle intervention (building off planned functional needs assessment)

D. Implementation project with the goal of preserving functioning in chronic SCI/D (via wheelchair findings and lifestyle pilot findings)

Wheelchair function

A. Assemble a workgroup that will develop the SCI-QUERI agenda around wheelchair function including safety, skills assessment, training, prevention (e.g., treatment of osteoporosis)

B. Evaluate current practices for regular assessment of wheelchair use and skills

C. Implement a risk-based wheelchair skills assessment and training program

D. Extend work in wheelchair use, safety and injury/fall prevention to the home setting

For more details please refer to our Strategic Plan (link above).