QUERI – Quality Enhancement Research Initiative

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Conferences, workshops, seminars and training programs

AcademyHealth Delivery System Science Fellowship (DSSF)

HSR&D/QUERI have joined research centers from 10 integrated delivery systems from across the U.S. in offering fellowship opportunities through the AcademyHealth Delivery System Science Fellowship (DSSF).

The VA offers a very broad range of opportunities for fellows to become involved in delivery system research and partnered research opportunities with VA national program offices. VA's core research programs and centers, notably the Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) national program and HSR&D Centers of Innovation, are based at VA medical centers throughout the US and conduct a rich portfolio of clinical, health services and quality improvement/implementation research studies. Specific fellowship host sites will be available from these lists of centers, each of which has formal links to national clinical program offices based at VA Central Office and selected regional offices. Early and mid-career fellows will have an opportunity to join and link to ongoing research programs and to design new studies based on their own interests and VA national priorities for health services and quality improvement/implementation research. VA's research resources include a large collection of clinical and administrative databases drawing from our comprehensive electronic medical record system, as well as large regional and national provider networks, technical assistance and educational resources in areas ranging from health economics to epidemiology to implementation science, and many other resources.

More information and descriptions of the seven VA sites welcoming fellows for the 2014 program are available here.

Implementation Science Training Programs

CIPRS has compiled a directory of fellowship and related training programs (189 KB, PDF) in the field of implementation science. The directory includes programs with an exclusive or primary focus on dissemination and implementation science, and programs that offer training in this area as a secondary focus or option. To have your program included in this directory or to correct entries, please contact CIPRS@va.gov.

CIPRS also collaborates with the University of Washington in St. Louis to conduct the NIMH/VA Implementation Research Institute, and with NIH to conduct the annual NIH/VA Training Institute in Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health (TIDIRH). The two-year IRI training program includes an annual week-long in-residence training program and additional activities throughout the year. Additional information, including application instructions, is available from the Implementation Research Institute website. Copies of the agenda, presentations and other resources from the TIDIRH program are available from the 2011 TIDIRH website and the 2012 TIDIRH website. Information about the upcoming program can be found at the 2013 TIDIRH website.

Enhancing Implementation Science in VA Training Program

CIPRS has conducted training programs for VA researchers to enhance their implementation research knowledge and skill. The "Enhancing Implementation Science in VA" training program was offered in 2010 and 2011 using a traditional in-person training meeting format and in 2012 using a Cyber Seminar format.

The agendas and recorded copies of the presentations from the all programs are available online at http://www.queri.research.va.gov/meetings/eis/default.cfm. Archived copies of EIS Cyber Seminars, as well as dates and registration links for future seminars, are available from the HSR&D Cyberseminar Catalog site.

Implementation Science Field Development Conferences

CIPRS conducts or collaborates in organizing conferences to explore and advance the field of implementation science. CIPRS convened a small VA meeting to review and update the QUERI implementation research frameworks during July 2009. Additional information and presentations from the Advancing Implementation Science in QUERI conference are available.

CIPRS also collaborated with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health in convening the July 2010 Conference to Advance the State of the Science and Practice on Scale-up and Spread of Effective Health Programs The conference website contains materials from the conference as well as a wealth of tools and resources for studying and conducting scale-up and spread efforts.