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Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) QUERI
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Heart failure is a common chronic disease marked by frequent exacerbations often resulting in hospitalization and death. At age 40 the life time risk of developing heart failure is one in five. It has been the number one reason for admission among Medicare patients and those in the Veterans' Health Care System. Readmission for heart failure occurs in 20% within 30 days of discharge in those over age 65 in the Medicare health care system. The high rate of hospitalization is a major contributor to the estimated $37.2 billion in cost of heart failure care in the United States for 2009.


The mission of our CHF QUERI Center is to efficiently improve survival and quality of life for all VA patients with heart failure through collaboration with other VA organizations to implement best practices. We believe the best way to achieve this mission is through increasing use of care known to prolong survival and quality of life and reducing unnecessary care.

Featured Product

Improving Heart Failure Care by Paul Heidenreich, MD and Elaine Furmaga, PharmD (5:15 min)

 What's New

New exciting initiatives are being facilitated by VA/HSR&D's CHF QUERI:

  • Guidance for CHF QUERI supported RRPs/SDPs
  • CHF QUERI Call for 2013 Locally Initiated Project Funding
  • CHF QUERI Center has developed a comprehensive Heart Failure (HF) Toolkit for Providers through collaboration with the members of its Heart Failure Provider (HF) Network as well as non-VA organizations...more
  • CHF-QUERI has been facilitating the implementation of Hospital-To-Home (H2H) quality improvement initiative to reduce readmissions among patients discharged with heart failure...more
  • Currently more than 814 providers from 150 VA facilities participate in CHF-QUERI's Heart Failure (HF) Provider Network, which focuses on improving the quality of care for heart failure patients...more