QUERI – Quality Enhancement Research Initiative

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QUERI Centers

eHealth - Iowa City, IA Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) - Seattle, WA Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) - Seattle, WA Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) - Palo Alto, CA Substance Use Disorder (SUD) - Palo Alto, CA HIV/Hepatitus (HIV) - Palo Alto, CA Center for Implementation Practice and Research Support (CIPRS) - Los Angeles, CA HIV/Hepatitus (HIV) - Los Angeles, CA Polytrauma and Blast-Related Injuries (PT/BRI) - Minneapolis, MN Diabetes (DM) - Ann Arbor, MI Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) - Hines, IL Stroke (STR) - Indiannapolis, IN eHealth - Bedford, MA HIV/Hepatitus (HIV) - Bedford, MA Mental Health (MH) -  Little Rock, AK

Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) QUERI - Palo Alto, CA

The mission of our CHF QUERI (Chronic Heart Failure Quality Enhancement Research Initiative) center is to improve survival and quality of life for all VA patients with heart failure and those at risk for heart failure through collaboration with other VA organizations to implement best practices.

Diabetes QUERI - Ann Arbor, MI

The goal of the DM QUERI is to partner with stakeholders to implement strategies that efficiently deliver state-of-the-art evidence-based care to help veterans live longer and better lives.

eHealth QUERI - Bedford, MA / Iowa City, IA

The mission of eHealth-QUERI is to work with VA program offices to implement into practice and evaluate eHealth as a model of care for augmenting efficient, safe, high-quality, continuous, coordinated delivery of evidence-based services to Veterans and their families.

HIV/Hepatitis QUERI - Bedford, MA / Los Angeles, CA / Palo Alto, CA

The mission of QUERI-HIV/Hepatitis is to increase access to, and uptake of, evidence-based care and to improve the care that HIV- and hepatitis-infected patients receive.

Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) QUERI - Seattle, WA

The overall mission of the Ischemic Heart Disease Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (IHD QUERI) is to improve the quality of care and health outcomes of veterans with IHD by working collaboratively with operational units and other QUERI groups to enable implementation of best practices in acute care, chronic illness care, and secondary prevention.

Mental Health (MH) QUERI - Little Rock, AR

Mental Health QUERI's mission is to improve quality of care, outcomes, and health-related quality of life for veterans with depression and schizophrenia by promoting research to close gaps in knowledge and implementing evidence-based practices.

Polytrauma and Blast-Related Injuries (PT/BRI) QUERI - Minneapolis, MN

The mission of the Polytrauma and Blast-Related Injuries (PT/BRI) QUERI is to promote the successful rehabilitation, psychological adjustment and community re-integration of individuals who have polytrauma and blast-related injuries.

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) QUERI - Hines, IL / Seattle, WA

The central mission of Spinal Cord Injury QUERI is the promotion of patient health, functioning, and quality of life, through the implementation of evidence-based methods for enhancing patient self-management and disease prevention in the context of multidisciplinary care.

Stroke (STR) QUERI - Indianapolis, IN

The mission of the VA HSR&D Stroke Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) is to reduce the risk of stroke and to foster system, provider and patient processes that result in the best possible outcomes for veterans with stroke.

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) QUERI - Palo Alto, CA

SUD QUERI seeks to implement best practices for improving the detection and treatment of VHA patients who misuse psychoactive substances. They focus on patients whose substance use meets diagnostic criteria for abuse or dependence, but also address patients' harmful drinking and use of tobacco (primarily cigarettes). They also focus on co-occurring infectious diseases and psychiatric disorders with the highest prevalence and disease burden as the co-morbidities of SUDs.

Center for Implementation Practice and Research Support (CIPRS) - Los Angeles, CA

The VA Center for Implementation Practice and Research Support (CIPRS) is a QUERI resource center that aims to facilitate accelerated improvement in the quality and performance of the VA healthcare delivery system through enhanced VA implementation practice and research.